Miradore Management Suite


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Software Deployment

Keep software versions up-to-date and stay secure

Efficiently install, update and remove software remotely and run any configuration changes to your devices. Manage tens of thousands of devices from a single web based console.

Key Features

Create, test and deploy efficiently

Miradore provides comprehensive and easy to use tools for creating, testing and deploying packages. You may choose from many deployment methods to efficiently meet your organization targets. Automate deployments or let the service desk, field operators or users do the installation.

Scalable infrastructure

The Miradore infrastructure consists of a single server, and one or more installation points. The installation points which stores the installation media does not require any Miradore software running and therefore makes the scaling, management and setup easy. Building an infrastructure supporting tens of thousands of devices in multiple locations is very cost effective and simple.


Enable the Miradore Self-Service Portal and let users’ install software. You may include the approval requirement process before the software can be installed.

Integrate and automate

Integrate Miradore to your service management and automate software and configuration deployments. Software installations are instant and you get instant and detailed information about the installation status. Read more.

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