By default, Miradore collects very detailed information about the devices. In some cases, for example, there is a need to gather manufacturer or vendor specific data which is not available by default.  Within Miradore, you can create your own custom inventories in order to gather device data. Based on the gathered data, you may also create events and alerts. In addition, we provide SQL scripting services to produce reports tailored to your needs.


  • You get a team of scripting experts so you can focus on serving your customers
  • You don’t need to utilize internal resources with scripting skills and knowledge
  • You get reliable and quality scripting to get  custom inventories and event monitors
  • You get more advanced reporting with the help of SQL scripts
  • You can be ensured that the scripts are 100% compatible with Miradore


The total price for the scripting service depends on the script nature and scope. Please contact us for a quote.