IT Service Provider

About Isoworks

IT service provider Isoworks, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, provides comprehensive IT management solutions to small and medium-sized companies. With the Patjanen (“little mattress”) all-in-one service, Isoworks takes in hand the diverse IT needs of its customers.

The challenge

An IT service provider really has to manage a maximum number of tasks with minimum hassle. Particularly when, like Isoworks, you have several dozen customers with a total of approximately 8000 devices under management. Having 10 different tools, no matter how well each of them does its job, is both tough to manage and time-consuming, let alone complicated to sell to the customer.

The solution

Once upon a time – 7-8 years ago to be more exact – a Fujitsu service manager was looking for the perfect backup solution for a client. When he found Miradore Management Suite, he quickly discovered it could do much more than just backup. After Fujitsu started to use Miradore to fulfill its customers’ IT needs, Isoworks quickly followed suit. Soon the two were also selling Miradore licenses separately to customers. That was the start of a beautiful friendship, which is still going from strength to strength.

“Miradore Management Suite includes pretty much everything we need. You don’t need a dozen tools when you have it all in one simple package. There’s no other product that can do all this,” says Janne Körkkö, Infrastructure Specialist at Isoworks.


Janne Körkkö, Infrastructure Specialist at Isoworks

Isoworks is now using Miradore for everything from asset management to operating system and software deployment, remote control, application installation and patch management. The list is growing as Miradore Management Suite develops and expands.

“The solution becomes better all the time. To start with, for example, it didn’t have the patch management and remote control it has now. Miradore just keep adding more features.”

Another aspect of Miradore that’s impressed Körkkö is the proactive and quick customer service.

“I’m personally in touch with Miradore nearly every day, the service is insanely good. Any bugs are fixed super fast, in a matter of hours, and they even call me before I have the chance to call them. I’ve never ever had to wait.”

Isoworks is now using Miradore Management Suite with nearly all of their customers.

“We don’t even have to sell it to them either, a simple demo is enough to convince them – the automation works so brilliantly. For the price, the solution is incredibly comprehensive. I don’t think any competitor can do the same for such a reasonable cost.”

Thanks to the wide range of features and great cost quality ratio, Körkkö predicts Miradore will expand rapidly in the near future. The only question he can’t answer is what he likes best about the solution.

“I just like the whole product, as simple as that, it includes so much. Everything is easily found and logically organized, and you don’t even need to train the customers as it’s so quick to learn.”