• Full transparency to your endpoint backups.
• Save time and effort with securing your employees’ data.
• No separate client needed – just enable it.
• Multiplatform support.

Solution Overview

Increased mobile work options and adoption of BYOD are making data loss risks higher as more employees store their data locally on their devices. The constantly changing and unpredictable online/offline schedules of the mobile workforce with limited access to company resources sets requirements for succeeding in the backing up of locally stored data.

Miradore Endpoint Backup is a centrally managed backup solution supporting Windows, macOS and Linux endpoint platforms. It is designed for IT departments and Managed Service Providers.


  • Centrally managed with full transparency – Manage backup settings and track the status of the backups for all your devices centrally through a single web-based console. Take corrective actions in case backups are outdated.
  • Silent backups without user distraction – Miradore automatically backups the user files silently whenever the network connection is available without any distraction for the user.
  • Scalable for corporate and BYOD use – When the device is managed with Miradore, you can easily enable the endpoint backup. There’s no need for additional installations or infrastructure. The light weight and intelligent client technology ensures reliable performance in limited and unpredictable network connections.
  • Flexibility with Self-service – The end users can backup and restore data themselves using the self-service portal which is available in 17 languages.


  • Backup – 
    • Backup methods:
      • Mirror backup: new and changed files are copied to destination immediately
        Delta copy for changed parts of Microsoft Outlook PST files
    • Launch methods:
      • Automated backup controlled by the administrator
        Manual backup triggered by the administrator
        Manual backup triggered by the user
        Run a backup using the command line
        Transfer rate detection
        Maximum bandwidth consumption limit
    • Backup to:
      • HTTP/HTTPS share
        Network file share
        Removable media (external disk drive, memory card)
        Local disk
  • Restore – 
    • Restore individual files or multiple files and folders.
    • Restore to the original or an alternative location.
    • Restore to another device.
  • Reporting 
    • Daily summary.
    • All backup jobs status.
    • Device specific backup status.
    • Reported Data:
      • Destination and source details
      • Start and end times
      • Duration
      • Transfer speed
      • Backup file count and size
      • Transferred files
      • Files waiting for deletion (count and size)
      • Restoration details
      • Errors
  • Self Service – 
    • Create and schedule personal backup jobs.
    • Run backup jobs.
    • Restore files and folders.
    • User Interface available in 17 languages.

Delivery Specifications

  • Endpoint Backup is available as part of the Miradore Management Suite
  • The Endpoint Backup service can be provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as self-hosted.


  • Miradore Endpoint Backup supports all major Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. See the complete list of supported platforms.
  • Self service portal is available in 17 languages.
  • A network connection to the service must be available.

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