Miradore Management Suite


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Remote Assistance and Control

Share screens to support, assist and interact with the users

Reducing the problem solving time and increasing the user satisfaction are critical factors for efficient help desk teams assisting users.

Key Features

Helpdesk Remote Assistance

Share the screen, keyboard, and mouse with a remote user and provide assistance with live-chat, drawing tools, and bi-directional file transfer.

Unattended Remote Control

Access an unattended computer’s admin session and control the keyboard and mouse just as if you were sitting next to the computer.

Audit trail log

Keep track of session activity with the audit trail log which records all remote sessions including information on the administrator, target computer, and file transfers.

Reduced on-site support

For the help desk teams and IT administrators, Miradore provides a simple way to share screens with the end-users as if you were all in the same room – saving both travel time and expenses.

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