macOS Device Management

Manage your macOS
Desktops and Laptops

Key Features

Discovery & Inventories

Discover all your network connected macOS devices and keep the inventories always up-to-date. Miradore collects comprehensive inventory information including installed software as well as recording changes to the attributes.

Software Deployment

Efficiently install, update and remove software remotely and run any configuration changes to your devices. Learn more.

Endpoint Backup

Secure your users’ data. Centrally manage user data backups of Windows, macOS, and Linux devices. Learn more.

Enforce Business Policies

Create business policies to enforce software, configurations, and patches to a group of devices based on pre-defined rules.

Connectors and Integrations

Miradore’s web service is a REST based web service which can be used to programmatically trigger actions and receive online status and inventory data of your IT assets.

Lifecycle Management

Miradore provides a complete toolset for managing the devices’ entire lifecycle from purchase to retirement. Keep track of the devices’ lifecycle, purchase dates and warranty information included with the device model, user and organization information.

Interested in other platforms? See how we support Windows and Linux.

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