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IT Asset management

IT Asset Management is involved in everything you do in IT

Running IT operations successfully and making the right business decisions relies on reliable and accurate information of your IT assets.

Key Features

Big Data of your IT assets

Miradore discovers and collects hundreds of attributes including changes about your IT assets. You may collect any custom information remotely as well as manually assign and update any information needed for your operations.

Ensure efficient IT operations

Exact information of your IT assets is the fundamental basis for successful IT operations. Miradore provides accurate information for all your teams and functions from an easy to use web console.

Manage the IT asset Lifecycle

Plan your operations whether it’s about budgeting, procurement or changes to the devices. Deploy new hardware and software and do the follow-up with ease. Maintain and control your IT assets in order to stay secure, and updated with the latest versions and configurations. Be prepared for replacing the IT assets securely when the lifecycle is at it’s end and ensure a smooth retiring and replacement process.

Integrate and automate

With the help of the Miradore API, you have access to the Big Data of your IT assets and you can automate your service management processes. Miradore includes ready-made connectors to the most common 3rd party tools.

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