Miradore Management Suite


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Endpoint Backup

No separate client needed

Centrally managed backup solution supporting
Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

Key Features

Centrally managed

Manage backup settings and track the status of the backups for all your devices centrally through a single web-based console. Take corrective actions in case backups are outdated.

Silent backups

Miradore automatically backups the user files silently whenever the network connection is available without any distraction for the user.

Scalable for corporate and BYOD

When the device is managed with Miradore, you can easily enable the endpoint backup. There’s no need for additional installations or infrastructure. The light weight and intelligent client technology ensures reliable performance in limited and unpredictable network connections.

Flexibility with Self-service

The end users can backup and restore data themselves using the self-service portal which is available in 17 languages.

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